Energy Data Infrastructure for Buildings

Europe's largest real estate companies use ComgyOS for their portfolios to automate their ESG reporting, leverage decarbonisation potential and meet regulatory obligations.

More than 1 million meters digitally recorded

All energy data from your portfolio in a single solution.

ComgyOS is the cloud-based multi-metering operating system for buildings.

A dashboard view of comgyOS
High quality & granularity

Direct integration with your meters enables reliable provision of your energy data in real time / 15-minute intervals and at a central location.

Automated E(SG) reporting

Access all energy data for your reporting at any time. Fully automated and future-proof for increasingly stringent requirements, including CSRD.

Improve energy efficiency

Use measured consumption values to find the most effective way to achieve CO2 neutrality and open up new sources of revenue such as tenant electricity.

Virtual Energy Central

Get a holistic and detailed overview of all energy flows in each of your buildings.

Product mockup of comgy's virutal energy central.
Digital twin of the energy flows

Instead of looking at a long list of meters, you get a holistic view with connections between sources, processors & consumers.

Benefit from virtual meters

Save time and money by using virtual meters instead of physical meters and enabling tenant electricity across your entire portfolio.

Increase energy efficiency

Understand how your building works and immediately identify opportunities for improvement (e.g. heat pump efficiency).

The ultimate energy data solution for decarbonising real estate portfolios

Own your energy data

Open standards guarantee data sovereignty and enable sources of income such as tenant electricity.

One-stop-shop & single interface

Comgy is the only solution you need to integrate and use. All your building energy data in a single place.

Plug & Play and fully automated

Seamless integration with any open measurement technology that saves you the manual data collection headache.

Future-proof and adapted to legal requirements

Manage the increasing complexity of regulatory standards and portfolio management requirements.

Reliable data at 15-minute intervals

Deep integrations directly with the meters provide data on which you can build your reporting and decarbonization strategy.

Modular software solution

ComgyOS is a cloud-based software solution and can be individually expanded with additional modules according to your needs.

Your portfolio.
Your data.
Your integrations.

Improve your data usage and internal processes with the automation capabilities of ComgyOS Apps. Developed by us, third-party providers or by yourself.

Popular Integrations

ista Sync

Import your meter data from ISTA (and other manufacturers) directly into ComgyOS to have all data in a single solution.

Aareon Wodis Sync

Synchronize your Comgy account directly with Aareon to automate your heating bills there and perform uVI dispatch.

Aedifion Energiedatenexport

Connect your processed energy data from ComgyOS directly to your Aedifion account to manage your ESG targets there.

Locoia connector

Automatically forward your energy data to ComgyOS via ready-made connectors.


Use the ARGE standard for data exchange with your ERP or billing system. Supported are A-record, LM-record, BK-record, D-record and E-record.

Create your own integration
Our mission

Making buildings climate-neutral through intelligent use of energy data

Climate Impact made in Berlin.

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