Tenant Energy Billing

Fully automated heat cost allocations

Allocate costs for multi-energetic buildings in an intuitive and fully-automated way. Ensure regulatory compliance with Comgy's Tenant Energy Billing solution.

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Process simplification through full-automation

Our cost allocation engine is able to automatically provide legally correct estimates for missing readouts, allows complex automatic preaggregations and creates cost allocations and tenant bills fully automatically.

Regulation-driven risk control

Our system monitors your data quality and availability for you within, and after, the billing period.

Integrity and plausibility checks make it easier for you to control billing.

Superior user experience

Leverage our real-time cost allocation within the drag-and-drop user interface, which calculates changes to billing live.

Co-developed by billers, for billers.

Cost accounting for multi-energy buildings

Billing made easy.

Tenant Energy Billing is a module of our ComgyOS that allows you to allocate costs automatically.

Benefit from an intelligent platform where all the relevant data is collected, processed, and visualized for you. With the help of automatic integrity and plausibility checks, you can also control your billing.

The all-in-one solution

15 minutes data availability

Our software for electricity, heat, and water provides highly accurate historical and real-time visualisation of energy consumption in your properties.

Future-proof through innovation

Benefit from a partner that is not a service provider, but a tech company.

Adapted to legal requirements

Addressing the increasing complexity of regulatory standards and portfolio management requirements.

Interoperable & open system

Open measurement standards and APIs make it easy to connect our ComgyOS to your existing system infrastructure.

The complete solution

Fulfil all your energy data related tasks with a single self-service software solution.

Modular software solution

ComgyOS is a cloud-based software solution and can be individually extended with further modules and third-party integrations according to your needs.

External connection

Easy third-party integrations

Our solutions are compatible with and designed to integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes and allow you to connect to software you already use.

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